Saturday, July 9, 2011

What to do in your garden in July

1. Plant asparagus, chives
2. Plant bedding plants such as violas, primulas and ponsies.


How To Plant Bedding Plants  from weekend gardner magazine July 2011

1. Remove Plant

Carefully remove your plant from its container. This can be harder than it sounds sometimes!

Never pull any plant out of its container by its leaves. If the plant doesn't have a solid root system yet, you run the risk of yanking the top right off the plant

In the case of a jumbo pack, just give the bottom of the container a light pinch, then turn the container over as you gently work the plant out.

Always work the plant out from the bottom and then gently pull the root ball from the sides as the plant starts to come out.


2. Plant at Correct Depth

Always plant at the correct depth. You want the top of the root ball to be at the same level as the soil level you are planting too. Below is how to plant correctly.


3. Avoid Planting Too High

If you plant the root ball too high, it will dry out and either die, or just not thrive and do well.


4. Avoid Planting Too Low

If you plant the root ball too low, and you get soil up around the stem or crown of the plant, it will rot. Very few plants can be planted too low and survive.

Keep this in mind because sometimes after you plant and water in, the plant will "settle", meaning it will sink down into the hole you dug. So always check the level of the root ball after watering just to make sure it hasn't settled and the root ball is still at the correct level.


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